thinkThin Crunch Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)
thinkThin Crunch Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)thinkThin Crunch Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)

thinkThin Crunch Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)

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ThinkThin Crunch is the latest nutty creation, plus you think its the crunchiest, tastiest, bar ever! Our bars have 80% less glucose than leading fruit plus nut bars, creating them a all-natural fit into the customers fat administration lifestyle. thinkThin Crunch is packed with 10g of protein from nuts plus soy, omega-3 fatty acids, plus fiber thus customers feel fuller, longer. thinkThin Crunch bars are equally completely gluten-free plus are perfect for customers that have gluten intolerance or diabetes.

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All thinkThin®natural snacks are based on key nutritional principles:

No Sugar • High Protein • Gluten Free

thinkThin Crunch, Mixed Nuts.

With 70% less sugar and 80% more protein than leading fruit and nut bars, this nutty delight is a good source of fiber and packed with peanuts, almonds and cashews for a nutritious and delicious snack.

thinkThin-PINK-campaign.jpgThethinkThin® product family consists of nutritious plus advantageous all-natural snack bars which include:
  • 12 flavors of thinkThin® protein bars – a0g sugar, 20g protein bar to satisfy the on-the-go, active lifestyle
  • 4 flavors of thinkThin® Bites, a100-calorie perfectly-portioned snack with five snacks per box
  • 4 flavors of thinkThin® crunch – 60% less sugar and 2X the amount of protein of other fruit and nut bars
  • 3 flavors of thinkThin®crunch fruit and nut – a mixed fruit and nut bar rich with super fruits that have 60% less sugar and 2X the amount of protein of other fruit and nut bars

Portable Nutrition
thinkThin® delivers deliciously all-natural nutrition for active persons that care regarding what they eat. thinkThin® has built a entire brand-new method to consider nutrition from an uncompromised focus on all-natural elements to help health plus fat health for individuals found on the go.

Weight Wellness
thinkThin® supports a wide premise of fat health – the optimal fat range where folks feel at their many healthy plus happy. Weight health is the positive psychological result of living a healthy, balanced lifetime with a strong belief inside wise stamina, lengthy existence plus warm laughter. thinkThin® is the first rated fat administration bar inside America (SPINSscanresearch).


The mission of thinkThin is to certainly impact the lives plus health of others plus to lead inside changing the endemic destruction of fat plus bad nutrition associated illnesses inside the nation. We find to share the joy of wise food (in every formats) plus supply handheld nutrition because a answer for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all about what’s inside
thinkThin® is a healthy answer for a busy day. Whatever else the day holds inside shop, a thinkThin® bar may offer stamina without the punishing negative effects of glucose plus gluten. ThinkThin® protein bars is enjoyed at breakfast before exercise to provide we stamina forth day. A thinkThin® bite makes a awesome mid-morning snack along with a thinkThin® crisis bar is best because a mid-afternoon treat found on the method to soccer practice.  All thinkThin® goods are wrapped plus prepared to go with we where the day could take we, whether it’s the workplace, theca, the gym, the mountains or onto the sofa with a advantageous book.

thinkThin® High Protein Bars
15-20g protein bars •  0g glucose •  gluten free
thinkThin® significant protein snack bars with 0g glucose plus 20g protein come inside 12 wealthy delicious flavors. Great tasting food which brings wise vitality along with a standard of existence plus fat health from nutrition which enables we to reside a vibrant active existence on the terms.

thinkThin®Crunch: the lower sugar nut bars
10g good quality protein bars •  3-4g sugar
gluten free •  superior source of fiber (3-4g)
thinkThin® Crunch is a main breakthrough inside the healthy nut bar category. All 4 flavors have 60% less glucose plus 2x the amount of protein than alternative leading fruit plus nut bar creating this delicious, crunchy, chewy bar a completely irresistible healthy snack for the foodie found on the go. Loved by everyone, throughout the day.

thinkThin® Crunch Fruit & Nut bars
8g top quality protein • 6-8g sugar
gluten free • dairy free – vegan • advantageous source of fiber (4g)
thinkThin® Crunch Fruit plus Nut with 60% less glucose plus 2x the amount of protein than different leading fruit plus nut bars, also offers the addition of a few of nature’s richest super fruits. All three flavors of low glucose, sweet, tart plus nutty bars are a delicious nutritious snack for any time of day. These are typically dairy free, vegan plus offer a wise source of fiber. The many difficult query is that 1 to choose.

thinkThin® Bites
5-6g protein • 0g glucose • gluten free
100 calories per bar
thinkThin® Bites, inside 4 flavors, the 100calorie, no glucose, excellent protein, perfect-sized healthy snack is easily packaged five bars to a box. A delicious, nutritious small treat which is because much regarding the most perfect experience because it really is regarding fat administration. That’s what the individuals at thinkThin® call fat health!


  • 1.41 Ounce/40 grams bar (Pack of 10) and comes in 4 delicious flavors, including a 15 bar variety pack
  • thinkThin Crunch has 10g of high quality protein, good source of fiber (4g of fiber) and is gluten free
  • 70% less sugar and 80% more protein than fruit & nut bars, thinkThin Crunch is the reduced sugar nut bar for the entire family
  • An easy, portable, simple and satisfying high protein snack that is naturally sweet and a little nutty
  • thinkThin – Deliciously Natural Nutrition – It’s all about what’s inside

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1.41 Ounce (Pack of 10)




thinkThin Crunch Mixed Nuts, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)




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