Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)
Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)

Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)


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Cassava was fabled for its capacity to promote overall fertility, but cassava is more fabled for its power to increase a woman’s chances of conceiving twins.

The story of cassava A tribe of people in Africa, known as the Yorubi, consume cassava (a crazy African yam) as a staple of their diet. The Yorubi tribe has a twinning price more than some other devote the world. This higher rate of twinning is known become due to the estrogenic properties regarding the yam. Cassava is believed to improve the price of twinning by increasing the chances of hyperovulation. Just how our sweet cassava supplements are prepared Cassava is a phenomenal plant and has the capacity to improve fertility, however it must certanly be prepared properly. Planning cassava improperly can lead to disease. We select only the freshest, youngest cassava and prepare them completely before dehydrating. As soon as dehydrated, the cassava pieces are put through a food grinder and encapsulated. About sweet cassava supplements Each capsule contains more or less 500mg of ground cassava root and peelings. Although some decide to discard the peelings, its believed your peelings contain the most benefit for fertility. Due to this, the peelings are included in the process. Sweet cassava supplements are prepared making use of vegetarian capsules and contain only pure, ground sweet cassava root and peelings. Sweet cassava dosage Cassava supplements are safe and can be used in almost any dosage, however in purchase to attain the most useful likelihood of twins and optimal fertility, a minimum dose of 1,000mg should really be taken every day. It doesn't matter when sweet cassava supplementation starts and it can be taken every day without impacting fertility. Cassava wont interact with other medications and medications. The longer a female takes cassava, the higher her likelihood of conceiving twins, utilizing the advantage of cassava usage reaching its peak between four and half a year useful.


  • All natural
  • 100per cent ground sweet cassava
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • 120 capsules per bottle
  • 735mg per capsule

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Sweet Cassava Supplement (120 Count)




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