Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)
Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)

Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)

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Product Description

Item Description

VitaJing Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder could be the Highest Quality Reishi Mushroom Extract you may get for the $.

What is Reishi Mushroom Extract?
Referred to as “Mushroom of Immortality” as a result of it’s effective all around health benefits on cellular level. Reishi, also referred to as Ganoderma or Ling Zhi in Chinese is called the no. 1 head to medicinal mushroom for health. Especially in which immunity, weakness and degeneration are worried.

Who's it best for?
Reishi is fantastic for Everyone! Especially those that require EFFECTIVE Immune help!
those that can relate genuinely to any of the following can gain most!

– Adrenal Fatigue
– Allergies
– Anti-Aging
– Arthritis
– Asthma
– Bacterial Infections
– Blood Sugar Levels Balance
– Cholesterol Balance
– Chronic Fatigue
– Detox
– Fungal Infections
– Heart Wellness
– Inflammation
– Liver Wellness
– Metabolic Process
– Neuro-Degeneration
– Bad Oxygenation
– Bad Circulation
– Physical Stress
– Respiratory Health
– Viral Infections
– Fragile Immunity

Finest Quality Production

Considering Pills or Tablets?
Pill types USUALLY DO NOT provide enough!

1 tsp of our powdered extract = 10 CONCENTRATED competitor pills typically!
you merely cannot get an improved value for concentrated Reishi Extract! Those who would like to get the absolute most out of Reishi will need 2-3 tsp daily.

Do you REALLY wish to be popping 20-30 pills a day!?!
drugs and Tablets are Overpriced for just what you will get.

Vitajing Reishi Extract is the solution to go!


  • ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ COST EFFECTIVE ON AMAZON!!! – One 4oz Bag of Extract Powder = 228 (20:1) Concentrated drugs or 4560 raw powder pills!!!
  • POWERFUL IMMUNE BOOSTER! Enhances TOTAL Body Resistance! IMPROVES Energy, Endurance, Immunity and far MORE!
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral
  • Bulk Powder Extract Allows for EFFECTIVE DOSE = DEFINITELY BETTER outcomes than Tincture, drugs or Tablets
  • FDA Approved center, GMP, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER – All Extracts are 100percent tepid to warm water Extracted, NO CHEMICALS USED!

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Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder ★★★20:1 CONCENTRATION★★★ (4oz-114gm)



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