Organika Bee Propolis 500mg 200 Caps

Organika Bee Propolis 500mg 200 Caps

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Bee Propolis also known as “bee glue”, is made by bees from plant and tree resins which are then blended with a number of the bee’s glandular excretions. The ensuing product, which is spread around the hive walls, is a surprisingly effective shield against germs and viruses that may endanger the healthiness of the hive.

Throughout history, people have taken a lesson through the bees and used propolis with regards to their own protection and healing – both inside and out. Hippocrates, the Greek physician and “father of medication “prescribed bee propolis to assist in the healing of cores and skin ulcers. Research has also looked at just how propolis can fight disease and boost immune reaction when taken internally.

Scientific analysis of propolis reveals that it contains trace minerals, nutrients and proteins that is high in bioflavonoid. Other active ingredients consist of terpenes, caffeic acids and phenols which are potent antioxidant compounds.

Studies have shown that propolis has amazing anti-bacterial action. It is thought it interrupts the power of bacterial cells, making them unable to move and grow.

Lots of people choose liquid preparations which are faster and easily consumed, and are usually usually easier for kiddies or the elderly to consume than capsules. Both liquor and alcohol free preparations are available.

These statements haven't been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration. This system isn't meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or avoid any condition.


  • Bee propolis might provide powerful but gentle nutrient security in our uncertain chronilogical age of super pests, increased air pollution, ecological degradation, and compromised health.
  • Bee propolis has lots of B-complex vitamins, plus about four other vitamins including C, E and A
  • It's saturated in flavonoids, minerals and trace elements
  • It really is considered as an all natural antibiotic

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Organika Bee Propolis 500mg 200 Caps


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