Organic Maca for Fertility

Organic Maca for Fertility


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Maca for Fertility Frequently called an Incan superfood, Maca is a cruciferous plant native to the mountainous parts of Peru. It has been employed for decades because a folk treatment thought to benefit libido plus vitality degrees. Maca’s relevance to fertility is traced back to Incan occasions, whenever farmers prepared the connection between their herd’s usage of the Maca plant plus improved fertility rates. Fast forward many 100 years plus Maca continues to be considered by numerous because a potent, yet secure, fertility-enhancing herb with relevance for both ladies plus guys. Maca plus Male Fertility One research examined the effects of Maca supplementation inside guys for a period of 4 months. At the conclusion of the test period, extensive increases inside sperm count, motility, plus semen amount were observed. Animal research with Maca have equally indicated which it might benefit total sperm wellness plus motivate healthy spermatogenesis (sperm production). Many persons furthermore believe which guys could experience an heighten inside intimate desire plus function whenever taking Maca. Maca plus Female Fertility It is thought which Maca’s benefit to woman fertility originates from its ability to restore hormonal balance. In certain, it is very believed which Maca might assist suppress estrogen dominance, plus motivate a positive estrogen/progesterone balance conducive to achieving pregnancy. Many ladies equally report an heighten inside libido plus intimate function whenever taking Maca.


  • Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules of 500mg Maca powder – a two-month supply
  • Contains only the highest quality, completely organic Maca root powder
  • May help increase sperm count, motility, and semen volume in men
  • May help normalize hormonal imbalance in women and encourage a favorable estrogen/progesterone ratio for achieving pregnancy
  • May increase libido and improve sexual function in both women and men

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Organic Maca for Fertility




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