Natural Factors Vitamin B3 Niacin 100mg Tablets, 90-Count (Pack of 2)

Natural Factors Vitamin B3 Niacin 100mg Tablets, 90-Count (Pack of 2)


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B3 Niacin 100mg Vitamin B-3 really comes inside 2 forms: niacin (or nicotinic acid) plus niacinamide plus both have the same vitamin activity inside the body. Some folks choose to take niacinamide considering niacin will result flushing, itching, burning, plus tingling sensations while niacinamide refuses to. But, niacin, not niacinamide, is suggested for circulatory issues, plus it has better cholesterol plus triglyceride reducing attributes. Niacin (also known as nicotinic acid) is a vitamin which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats plus proteins. Small amounts are included inside “one-a-day” vitamin supplements. But, whenever provided inside big amounts, niacin has a drug-like impact on blood cholesterol degrees. It appears to inhibit the secretion of cholesterol within the liver into the circulation, and increases the amount of significant density lipoprotein, the so-called ‘good cholesterol’. Another novel employ of niacin is to treat schizophrenia. World-renowned writer plus researcher, Dr. Abram Hoffer, utilizes really excellent dosages of niacin to treat schizophrenia with wise results. The biggest concern whenever taking significant degrees of niacin is the harmless flush experienced by several.


  • An essential vitamin
  • Supports cholesterol metabolism
  • Supports cholesterol levels already within normal limits
  • Niacin plays an essential role in the activities of various enzymes
  • Niacin is necessary for protein metabolism, energy production and normal nervous system function

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Natural Factors Vitamin B3 Niacin 100mg Tablets, 90-Count (Pack of 2)




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