Greens Gold -Greens Superfood Powder 315 grams

Greens Gold -Greens Superfood Powder 315 grams

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“Eat the fruits plus vegetables if you need to be healthy.” We hear it all time within the health experts. But let’s face it, it’s really not simple, or several days even possible. We’re too busy, or you really don’t like vegetables. That’s where Greens Gold comes inside. Just blend a scoop of the fruit-flavored, nutrient-packed powder into water or juice … plus you’re advantageous to go!

Super Antioxidant — 10,000 ORAC Per Serving
Destroy the free radicals which cause degenerative diseases with a effective complex of fruit extracts including apple, elderberry, grape seed, bilberry plus blueberry.

Cardiovascular Benefits — Fiber and Omegas
Organic black chia seeds, natural non-GMO brown flax seeds plus apple pectin deliver the plant fiber plus Omega 3 fatty acids believed to lower dangers of heart condition plus stroke.

Optimum pH Balance — Alkaline Greens and Superfoods
Modern diets of processed foods are too acidic, that may impair function. Organic spirulina, broccoli, goji berry, acai berry plus additional superfoods enable alkalize the program plus providing other advantages including antioxidants, vitamins plus minerals.

De-stress and Detoxify – Adaptogens
Counteract the challenges of the lifetime with these standbys of conventional Chinese medicine: Asian mushrooms (reishi, maitake plus shiitake), astragalus plus ginger.

Digestive Ease — Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes
Get back inside balance with inulin, acidophilus, protease, amylade plus more.

Immunity Boost — Tea Blend
Decaffeinated extracts of white plus green teas with significant percentages of polyphenols plus EGCG, and yerba mate, fortify the body to fight off condition.


  • Over 70 Vitamins, Nutrients and Superfoods supporting Good Digestion , Circulation, Immunity and Total Well Being
  • Supports Optimum, PH Levels
  • Complete Daily Fomula
  • Antioxidant Power of 10+ Servings Fruit & Vegatables
  • 10,000 ORAC per Serving

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Greens Gold -Greens Superfood Powder 315 grams




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