Fitness Labs Psyllium Husks, 2 Pounds
Fitness Labs Psyllium Husks, 2 PoundsFitness Labs Psyllium Husks, 2 Pounds

Fitness Labs Psyllium Husks, 2 Pounds


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Incorporating Fiber Your Diet is Easy With Psyllium couple of people have the recommended consumption of 25 grams of fiber daily. Incorporating normal Psyllium Husks towards diet is a convenient method to raise your soluble fbre intake and enhance your wellness. Usage for periodic constipation and keeping regularity. Psyllium husk could be the addressing of seeds grown regarding the Plantago ovata plant. This fiber works by helping to produce a bulkier, softer stool that passes more quickly through colon. Promotes a sense of fullness. Psyllium is high in the gelatinous, water-absorbing substance called mucilage. It has the capability to take in 10-50 times its fat in water, which plays a part in a subjective sense of fullness. Studies show it may lessen the consumption of fat and calories, and may play a role in weight-loss. Helps clean the bowel. Psyllium’s water-absorbing properties help sweep waste from your colon. 3 grms of healthier fiber per teaspoon. Psyllium husks are about 50-55% soluble fbre (2 grams) with all the rest insoluble fibre (1 gram). The dietary fiber portion absorbs water and provides most its beneficial actions. Use each day to aid maintain regularity.


  • Well suited for adding fibre towards diet
  • Soft texture
  • 3 grams of fiber per teaspoon
  • Unflavored & unsweetened
  • Maintains regularity

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Fitness Labs Psyllium Husks, 2 Pounds




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