Colloid Master AC
Colloid Master ACColloid Master ACColloid Master ACColloid Master AC

Colloid Master AC

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Make colloidal silver oneself! Made inside the U.S.A. with standard commercial level components. The Colloid Master is professionally tailored, designed plus designed. Comes because a complete kit plus includes: One Colloid Master AC, 1 110 Volt AC force supply, 1 pair of 99.9 % pure silver electrodes, 1 pair electrode connection wires, electrode cleaning pad. Simple to apply instructions. Features: Really simple to use plus work! Safe low voltage. Complete kit, only add distilled water plus jar. Manufacturer direct pricing! It comes ready to employ with silver electrodes plus energy supply. Adjustable PPM control. Automatic shut off. Attractive commercial enclosure. Portable, measures 2 1/4 inches excellent 4inches broad 7 inches lengthy. Rugged commercial level components. Makes 1 quart or 1 gallon batches. Reasonably priced! Reliable, reliable plus perfected because 1998.Works with .999 silver electrodes 6 by 1/4 or 1/2 inch, 28 gauge. One pair of electrodes lasts about 1 year or even more, depending on utilize. Electrokinetic stirring, no need for pumps or mechanical stirring. Specifications:Shipping fat 3 Lbs. PPM Range: 5- 20 ppm. Environment: 60 to 105 F (15.5 – 40.5 Celsius).Power Provide Input: 110 Volts AC, 60/50 HZ. Power Provide Output: 12 VAC 500 mA, center positive. The Colloid Master transforms energy input into the optimal output level automatically. The present plus voltage is modulated for optimal particle size dispersion for the ppm setting chosen. Particle size: The circuit of the Colloid Master is made keep the silver particle size of 0.1 to 0.001 microns, most particles are concentrated inside the 1 – 10 nm (nanometer) range. Particles which are small than 1 micron is the requirement to precisely match the true description of being a colloid. A micron is 1 billionth of the meter. Colloid Master is a advantageous choice, it comes with a 30 day cash back reassurance guarantee, and a 3 year warranty. Made in the U.S.A. Trusted plus perfected because 1998.


  • Make Colloidal Silver Yourself For Pennies A Gallon!
  • Adjustable Parts Per Million from 5-20 ppm.
  • Automatic Shut-Off, Sophisticated Yet Simple To Use.
  • Complete Kit, 30 day Money-Back, 3 Yr. Warranty. Made In the USA.

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Colloid Master



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Height: 225 hundredths-inches
Length: 700 hundredths-inches
Width: 400 hundredths-inches


Colloid Master


Colloid Master



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Colloid Master


Colloid Master


Colloid Master AC

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