Chanterelle Wild Mushroom Powder (4 oz (1/4 Lb))

Chanterelle Wild Mushroom Powder (4 oz (1/4 Lb))


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This pleasantly aromatic fleshy wild mushroom shines like an exotic golden flower whenever enjoyed from a distance from the drab autumn woodland background. Additionally well-known as “golden chanterelle” plus “egg mushroom,” it has a magical appeal for many culinary experts inside Europe, United States, plus Asia. However all chanterelles are not likewise. European plus Asian types are regarding the scale of the thumb. In the eastern United States they are the scale of the fist. But, ah, inside the west they is because big because 2 hand spans–from small finger to small finger. Chanterelles weighing because much because 2 pounds are not unusual. Chanterelles appear to be value their fat inside gold. These are generally golden searching, golden tasting, plus golden priced. The cap is fleshy, with wavy, rounded cap margins tapering downward to satisfy the stem. The gills are not the routine thin straight panels hanging within the lower surface of the cap, because you see inside the prevalent shop mushroom. Instead, the ridges are rounded, blunt, shallow, plus generally spaced. At the edge of the cap they are forked plus interconnected. The chanterelle’s aroma is variously described because apricot- or peachlike. It is unmistakably different plus identifiable.


  • Cold Stored In Our Special Climate Controlled, Dehumidified Warehouse!
  • Great Immune Booster!
  • Amazing in Any Mushroom Recipe!
  • Made From Wildharvested Chanterelle Mushrooms!
  • Just 1-2 Teaspoons in a Daily Health Drink Works Great!

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4 oz (1/4 Lb)


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Chanterelle Wild Mushroom Powder (4 oz (1/4 Lb))


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