Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)
Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)

Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)

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South America has been harboring a root vegetable called Smallanthus sonchifolius. This root vegetable, called yacon, consists of the sweet plus delicious syrup which is used by the natives because a all-natural sweetener. For years yacon syrup has enriched their dishes plus refreshments due to its healthy attributes, unlike the processed sweeteners chosen for the most part. This might furthermore be among the factors why South Americans don’t have a issue keeping a steady fat.

The attributes of pure yacon syrup involves fat reduction attributes, aids inside reducing the waistline, regulates blood glucose plus eventually adds essential fiber on a daily basis. Seeing because the prebiotic termed as fructooligosacharides (FOS) makes up 50 % of the syrup, it's a awesome source of fiber plus it doesn’t retain any calories.

A scientific research inside 2009 concluded a daily consumption does truth be told help the body inside losing fat together with reducing inches about the waist. Additionally body mass index is decreased. The task pure yacon syrup follows is to elevate metabolism whilst keeping hunger at bay. This signifies unwelcome fat is discarded whilst which hungry feeling becomes less consistent.

It all begins with a particular glucose molecule (FOS revealed earlier). Studies show it feeds the friendly bacteria living inside the gastrointestinal system plus therefore significant compounds are more conveniently absorbed. At the same time it detoxes the body plus enables the metabolic program to function at its ideal. The outcome is fat reduction along with a much healthier digestive program.

Susana Genta plus her colleagues participated inside a research for obese female. By incorporating yacon syrup into their daily diet a typical fat reduction of 33 pounds was recorded. The research spanned over 4 months, that adds as much as 2 pounds a week. Apart from losing fat the extensive drop inside risky cholesterol degrees were reported; impressive results indeed.


  • Known for Reducing Waistlines
  • The Newest, Fastest and the Most Popular Fat-Buster
  • Burns More Fat in a Short Period of Time
  • Dramatically Improves the Digestive System
  • Won the “Best Yacon Syrup Extract 2014″ award by the LeanHealth Magazine

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Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)




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Certified Yacon Syrup Extract (Original Brand)



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